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What am I up to?

This is a /now page, and is updated every month.

Last updated on 16th December, 2021

Work has been very monochromatic lately, still working on customer-facing deliveries. No cool "mappy" things to update here fellas, pull me in for your side projects :D. In non-work tech, I'm planning to write a tile-server in go similar to titiler in Golang. My tiny attempt to make maps faster? :p

Off work, some new things are.

  • KEYBOARDS! Last week, I finished handwiring this board, and it's a nice keyboard. This deserves a page in two of writing itself, which I'll post towards the end of January.
  • Other things have taken a halt, mostly playing F1-2021, and looking at during most of my spare time. Oh yes, I've a lot of things to get this year :P. MW Pluto, MW Voynich, Safa, and Moza-65. Then I'll call it quits on my keeb journey. Else I'll prepare to live in the streets.
That's all folks, tell me about what you're upto reader. Good day!