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What am I up to?

This is a /now page, and is updated every month.

Last updated on 1st November, 2021

At work, working on some customer facing deliveries, and creating a PoC for a map-based data product to catalog and visualize available raster datasets, been enjoying a lot this last couple of weeks. :)

Off work, some new things are.

  • I've picked up my piano practice again, now able to learn pieces from sheet music. been practicing GymnopĂ©die 1, Godfather's theme etc.
  • Been reading this book suggested by my friend Ram, The Color of Magic - 1st of the discworld series. And boy it's amaze-freaking-balls. If you like absurd, silly, and fantasy stuff, please get started with this ASAP.
  • Have taken a bunch of pictures since I last updated the photostream, guess that's a task for the upcoming Diwali weekend. :)
That's all folks, tell me about what you're upto reader. Good day!